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Samsung Galaxy Flip Z

Samsung Galaxy Flip Z Teardown

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z has suffered iFixit's torture teardown. Along the way it was subjected it to some over-the-top tests for dust resistance. Well, not o...
Pixel 3 XL teardown

Google Pixel 3 XL teardown – almost 100% Qualcomm

iFixit’s Google Pixel 3 XL teardown reveals an almost 100% Qualcomm 845 reference build. That and pure Android Pie give it a huge advantage over competitors using a smorgasbord of different brands/parts to achieve a price point....
Apple watch series 4

Apple Watch series 4 teardown

iFixit has completed the Apple Watch series 4 teardown. While it may look like other series, its internals have had a major shakeup for the better. It gets a 6...
iPhone XS and XS Max teardown

iPhone XS and XS Max teardown (iFixit)

iFixit has been busy with the new iPhone XS and XS Max teardown. So busy they had to fly to Australia as we were the first place in the world to put them on sa...