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Review: Review: Apple Magic Trackpad 2

It’s been five years since Apple decided to bring the trackpad from its laptops to the desktop, and now we have a sequel. What’s changed, and is this accessory worth having in your life?...

Ask GadgetGuy: what is Australian scrolling?

As Australians, we can be proud of things made by other Aussies. The black box (which is actually orange) is a very cool piece of tech. The pacemaker, ultrasound, spray-on skin, and WiFi are all brilliant, too. One thing that we haven't invented, though, has been named after us, and that is a type of mouse scrolling....

Review: Apple Magic Trackpad

  Apple’s Magic Trackpad has been designed for those who prefer interfacing with their Macs, PCs or docked laptops with their fingertips, rather than a ...