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Umbrellas reinvented with the NZ-made Blunt

We haven't done the research, but given how much money we all spend on poorly made brollies, it's likely that we're burning through dollars on terribly temporary rain deterrents that end up broken and alone in the street. Wouldn't it be nice to see an umbrella that won't die? Well now there apparently is one.... (Read More)

Philips adds a trimmer for barely thirty

The bearded of you out there know the burden of trimming that precious fuzz. This writer runs from shaving gadgets often enough, and it can be hard to find a hair trimmer that works with you. Fortunately, Philips has a new shaver developer for use in most places, moist or otherwise.... (Read More)

New shaver survives a shower for a smarter sight

Most guys we know that actually shave their beards down like to do it in the shower, but there's always the concern of rusted blades and broken motors, with the thing breaking half way through finishing and you having to walk around looking unkept. To help reduce the amount of half-shaven men out there, Philips has unveiled new waterproof shavers for exactly this.... (Read More)