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You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deals on NBN plans, with Tangerine joining the likes of Superloop in offering some pretty zesty discounts.

Partly owned by CommBank, the South Melbourne-based telco provides mobile plans via the Telstra network in addition to affordable NBN plans. If you’re looking for a good deal on an NBN 25 or NBN 50 plan, Tangerine regularly features among the cheapest NBN plans.

Across its speedier NBN 100 plans and above, you can also save up to $150 on your home internet if you sign up before 29 February. Discounts apply for the first six months of signing up before reverting back to full price, which is standard practice among internet service providers (ISPs). It’s rare to receive discounts as an existing customer, meaning it’s worth routinely shopping around for the best deal.

Tangerine is rated highly among customers and media alike, racking up plenty of awards in the process. Much of its success is down to offering a well-priced and streamlined product. In fact, the citrus-themed telco won WhistleOut’s Internet Provider of the Year in 2023 off the back of its reliability and affordability.

Tangerine NBN plan price comparison

Australians on lower-speed plans were hit hard following wholesale NBN price changes. Although faster internet went down in price, popular tiers like NBN 25 and NBN 50 went up. Fortunately, if you’re keen to try another ISP for six months, Tangerine’s Value and Value Plus NBN are $20 off, coming in at $49.90 and $59.90 per month respectively.

Across its faster NBN plans, ideal for multi-user households, Tangerine competes strongly. Until 29 February, you can save $20 per month for six months on its NBN 100 plan. Keen for even more speed? Tangerine’s SuperSpeedy and UltraSpeedy plans are $25 off.

Be aware that when compared to an ISP like Superloop, Tangerine doesn’t provide speeds as fast during peak times. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission defines peak times as being between 7 pm and 11 pm, which is when most people are using the internet.

At its fastest tier, Tangerine advertises typical evening speeds of 350Mbps downloads, and 42Mbps uploads. It’s still plenty fast enough for most users but is half of Superloop’s 700Mbps download speeds for roughly the same amount of money. Here’s how Tangerine holds up compared to the most popular NBN plans of any speed.

Of course, reliability of service is just as important, if not more so, than raw speed. Here’s how Tangerine holds up compared to the most popular NBN plans of any speed.

Tangerine has built a strong reputation in recent years due to its good price and no-frills approach. They also happen to offer 5G mobile plans, so it’s worth shopping for the cheapest SIM plans while you’re considering your home internet.

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