Tannoy Revolution Signature DC 6T

In the UK Tannoy is to loudspeakers as Biro is to ball-point pens: a specific brand so thoroughly and long-associated with a product type as to be an alternative name for it. A tannoy is a loudspeaker; Tannoy is a maker of loudspeakers.

The stereo pair of Tannoys provided for review were the top-of-line models from its Revolution Signature range: the DC 6T. These are two-way floorstanders, which sounds conventional enough, but they differ considerably from the norm. They employ a 25mm titanium dome tweeter, but this is located behind a hole in the centre of one of the two larger loudspeakers. The intention of this is to allow a near-perfect ‘point source’ of sound in which the point of origin of the low, medium and high frequencies are co-located. The aim is to eliminate changes in the balance between the mid and high frequencies depending on where you are with respect to the loudspeaker.

Tannoy rates these speakers to about average sensitivity (89dB) and power handling (87 watts continuous, it says, with surprising precision), and suggests that their high frequency driver will reach as high as 35,000 hertz. Bass is supported down to 34 hertz.

These loudspeakers were sweet. For stereo sound, you will find few that can improve on their imaging. It was tightly focused, yet somehow solid. There were three dimensions. Even when some instrumental elements of the music mix came  almost entirely from one or the other speaker, the sound still had depth, separating it from the loudspeaker, the machine for its delivery.

The sweetness was from the tone of the speakers – controlled, and restrained in the upper midrange, yet with a clearly extended top end and well balanced upper and mid-bass. Only at the lower frequencies did these speakers seem a touch lacking, leaving the kick drum without the authority it deserved.


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Beautiful rounded stereo imaging; Excellent upper end;
Could have more authority below 40 hertz