Taxify comes to Melbourne

100% human

Taxify is a ride-sharing app for iOS and Android that connects users (riders) with drivers. To celebrate its launch in Melbourne app users can get 50% off their first ride.

Markus Villig, founder and CEO of Taxify, said,

“Following huge popular demand in NSW with tens of thousands of app downloads in the first few days of launch, we are excited to expand Taxify to Melbourne.

Locsls are looking for alternative ride-sharing options. Taxify is dedicated to providing competition and choice to both riders and drivers in Australia. While it will be cheaper than other ride-share providers by approximately 5%; we also offer a better deal to drivers with substantially lower commissions.”


Drivers like us

Taxify takes only 15% commission from its drivers. This is almost half of that taken by Uber and other ride-sharing platforms. This allows it to offer lower prices for riders while providing more take-home pay for drivers.

Samuel Raciti, Australia Country Manager for Taxify, adds:

“Not only can drivers expect to earn more when driving with us, but riders can expect to save money at the same time, especially with our initial 50% off offer.

Along with a lower commission, Taxify also gives drivers more control. They can create a defined radius for pickups, meaning they don’t need to stray too far from home or their known area. We’re firm in our belief that happy drivers mean happy riders.”

Taxify treats its drivers with respect. It allows them to earn more than with other platforms. We provide a range of safeguards and features that help them work in a way that suits them best. We also provide an exemplary experience for riders, providing a 24-hour fully-staffed customer service channel.

It already operates in 23 countries worldwide. It has seen huge success due to what it claims is a fairer, more transparent ride-sharing service.