TaylorMade launch their r7 Ti and r7 Steel Fairway woods


High on the success of the revolutionary r7 quad driver and the recently released r7 425 driver, TaylorMade has continued the roll-out of its extraordinary moveable weight technology (MWT) with the launch of their r7 Ti and r7 Steel Fairway woods.

Like their predecessors, the r7 Ti and Steel Fairway woods feature TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC), which allows the player to adjust the position of the clubs centre of gravity. By moving the 2 and 14 gram weight cartridges in the TLC ports of the club the player can now tune their fairway wood to suit their swing.

The introduction of the r7 Ti and Steel fairway woods give players of all skill levels the opportunity to benefit from the astounding TLC technology in a fairway wood. The r7 Ti will appeal more to players looking for forgiveness and a higher, more draw biased trajectory. The r7 Steel Fairway by comparison produces a more penetrating ball flight.

In their factory setting, both clubs will produce a draw bias while swapping the 2 and 14 gram weights over will deliver a slight draw bias in the r7 Ti and a neutral bias in the r7 Steel. This is the fundamental difference between traditional clubs and TaylorMade clubs – players can now adjust the club to suit their swing, rather than needing to change their swing to suit the club.

Other key features of the clubs are:

  • Flexible, fast and thin cold-rolled titanium composition in the r7 Ti, including the clubface, ensuring maximum speed and distance of the ball
  • Large club head for greater forgiveness and easy to launch
  • Low and deep CG, allowing for high and long flight of the ball
  • >Pull facee construction, where the head and face of the club are produced individually to create maximum and legal COR
  • TaylorMade RE*AX graphite shafts designed for optimal performance in each of these fairway metals
  • TLC ports on the perimeter of the club to provide greater stability on miss-hits

Taylormade r7 Ti Fairway Wood
RRP: $599.00

Taylormade r7 Steel Fairway Wood
RRP: $399.00 (Graphite Shaft) $349 (Steel Shaft)