TCL CES 2023 announcement includes award-winning TVs and new air conditioners

TCL CES 2023 C935 TV
TCL's C935 TV

What goes better together than watching some form of entertainment and being the correct temperature? On a related note, TCL announced the company’s latest range of TVs and air conditioners this week. As far as announcement pairings go, the TCL CES 2023 one kept us on our toes.

This year, the TV range is getting two new QLED models (C745 and C645), a Mini LED TV (C845) and a 4K Ultra UH TV (P745), all running the Google TV operating system. Two models have won CES Innovation Awards: the Mini LED 4K TV 75C935 and Mini LED 4K TV 75C835.

Both of the award-winning TVs use a combination of Mini LED and WLED technology, with 1920 dimming zones and a 144Hz variable refresh rate. What differentiates the C935 from the C835 is the inclusion of AI Sonic Adaption and Sound Tracking to fine-tune the Dolby Atmos experience.

The range includes a 98-inch model with more than 2000 local dimming zones and 2000 nits of peak brightness. 98-inch Mini LEDs are still very rare in the Australian market, with most brands only going up to 85/86”.

There will also be a range of budget-friendly soundbars to match.

TCL CES 2023: Want an air conditioner with your TV?

In addition to the range of home theatre products, the TCL CES 2023 announcement included a new range of air conditioners using the company’s patented inverter air conditioning technology called FreshIN AC Technology. The FreshIN Plus fresh air system is just a fancy way of saying that it takes fresh air from outside, changes its temperature, and then pipes it inside.

TCL Freshin air conditioner CES 2023
One of TCL’s FreshIN air conditioners

In a statement, Jason Carrick, General Manager of Sales for TCL Australia claimed that “the upgraded FreshIN technology is more intuitive, with built-in sensors measuring air quality and displaying real-time results on a dashboard. Its powerful air engine helps increase oxygen and humidity levels with a capacity of up to 60 cubic metres per hour.”

It’ll be interesting to see how those claims translate into sizes, given air conditioner sizes appropriate for rooms are usually calculated on a basis of 1-1.5kW per 10 square metres of room, rather than the movement of cubic metres of air.

The more interesting new feature of the air conditioner is that it is self-cleaning, with an auto clean function and cleaning reminder.

Pricing and availability will be confirmed closer to release.

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