TEAC ITB400 Tallboy iPod Dock

Standing more than a metre high, the ITB400 Tallboy iPod dock is a clear cut above (ahem) the competition, according to TEAC. Inside its chassis are what TEAC describes as two full-range drivers, plus a subwoofer that receives a dedicated 30 watts of power from the system’s inbuilt amplifiers. This allows the ITB400 to provide 2.1 channel audio from a footprint far smaller than conventional systems.

The music system accepts – and charges – all dockable iPods, provides an FM tuner with presets for storing your favourite radio stations, and offers an auixiliary input for connecting a DVD player, CD player or TV. A remote control allows navigation of all iPod functions and, with the help of bass and treble controls, can be employed to tailor sound to individual levels.

The TEAC ITB400 has a 12 month warranty and costs $329.