Our New Year tech resolutions for 2012

I’m going to properly dispose of my electronic and white goods instead of just leave them on the nature strip

Did you know that your gadgets and electronics can actually be broken down into base materials and reused in other things? Think recycled paper, but with electronics instead.

And then there’s the extra more obvious bonus: you get to reclaim all that space in your home that those gadgets were taking up.

First off, take a wander around your home and work out what you don’t need anymore. Whether it’s appliances, old computers, phones, TVs and other gadgets that are broken or you just don’t use anymore.

Gather them up, work out what you need to do, and deal with them.

Things with no data – appliances, TVs, and home stereo equipment – can be sold on eBay, Trading Post, given to friends or charities, or recycled through one of the e-waste programs that your local council may run.

Computers and phones, however, probably have information of yours on them, so take them aside, backup your old info, and run memory wipe software on them, taking the time to make sure your identity isn’t accidentally taken when you decide to get rid of them.

I’m going to install internet security software. There, I said it

We know that you don’t have an updated copy of anti-virus on your computer. Most people don’t, especially Mac users.

But these days, any computer can be targeted for hacks, scams, malware, and viruses. It’s not just a Windows thing anymore, people.

This year, we want you to buy a copy of an internet security suite and let it take steps to stop you from doing something stupid, like downloading nasties to your computer.

These days, internet security solutions arrive in year-long subscriptions, requiring you to pay an annual cost for the peace of mind you get when you’re having your computer secured for you.

Some of us have lived with Symantec’s Norton Internet Security and 360 for a while, while others prefer solutions from AVG, Kaspersky, PC Tools, and Trend Micro. You’re certainly not starved for choice when it comes to finding security for your device.

McAfee has one of the more interesting solutions out there, offering you protection for a certain amount of devices in your home, including extra computers and phones.

Shop around and find the internet security solution that works best for you, and then don’t be stingy.

The criminals of the internet certainly won’t be stingy when they’re trying to nab your details, and that’s only going to get worse in 2012.