Tech21 preps cases for the Samsung S6, HTC One M9

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The news of the new phones from Samsung and HTC are barely a week old, but already case makers are jumping on the bandwagon, showing off what they’ll have in stores ready to protect that phone before it hits the ground.

We’ve mentioned before that a case should be one of your first stops when buying a new phone, and if you’re already intrigued by the new flagships about to hit the market by both Samsung and HTC, Tech21 sends word that it already has cases ready to go that have been designed to take a beating.

And judging by some of the designs being used by the phone manufacturers, this will probably be a good thing.

Tech21's Evo Tactical for the HTC One M9 (2015)
Tech21’s Evo Tactical for the HTC One M9 (2015)

The cases take point from Tech21’s previous reliance on the orange “goo” shock absorption technology that is D3O, with a development called “Flexshock” that doesn’t just absorb and dissipate, but also repels shock from the gadget being protected.

Aside for the protective measures, we’re told that the Flexshock tech is lighter and more flexible, making it easier to make thinner cases with just as much resistance to drops and falls.

Four styles will be released incorporating this technology, with the Evo Check featuring impact protection in a transparent shell with a check pattern texture, the Evo Wallet with a thin protection about the phone and a flip-over screen with a card slot (for your credit cards) on the inside of the screen, the Evo Frame Wallet which is basically a hardened version of the previous model with a hard back plate, and finally the Evo Tactical which provides ruggedisation on the back and sides of the casing.

Tech21's Evo Check will be transparent or -- if you choose a colour -- translucent. Demonstrated with the Samsung Galaxy S6.
Tech21’s Evo Check will be transparent or — if you choose a colour — translucent. Demonstrated with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

You can probably expect the Flexshock technology to be rolled out to other phones shortly, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and any other major smartphones expected to be announced, but so far, it’s just the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, with release for these cases coming in April (right on time with the phones).