The OTTAVA SC-C50 ($1,429) and the OTTAVA SC-C30 ($1,149) drop the CD spinner and have fewer drivers and JENOs and LAPCs, but have the same broad network support. Said support includes Chromecast, DLNA, AirPlay 2, Spotify, TIDAL, Internet Radio and so on. Each also has an analogue auxiliary input. The SC-C50 and SC-C30 can be paired in stereo mode. Feed a signal into one of them and it’ll come out as stereo from both of them.

A brief demo was given, and these OTTAVA speakers sounded very impressive and looked great. We’ll be looking to review some of them in the near future.



Technics is also launching with two headphone models. The EAH-DJ1200 headphones ($299.95) are, as the name suggests, wired models intended for DJ use. They run 40mm drivers and support inputs up to a massive 2.5 watts. They have the swivelling bits needed by DJs so that they can listen with one ear only, and the cable can be detached, but locks in place during use.

The EAH-F70N wireless headphones are consumer models. Quite high-end consumer models, since they’re priced at $599.95, significantly above the price of some of their natural competitors. But they have all the good stuff: LDAC and aptX HD codec support and Technic’s wide-band dual microphone (one in, one out) active noise cancellation, with three levels of cancellation. They have an ambient sound mode so you can hear what’s going on outside your headphones. This model is available in three colours: black, silver and copper.

Other Technics stuff

The turntables were demonstrated using some rather attractive looking Technics stereo amplifiers and loudspeakers. Naturally I wondered: are they coming too? Probably, it seems. But Technics has been absent from the retail channels that handle this kind of stuff – specialist hifi stores – for many years. It’ll take time to build that back up. The SL-1200 series turntables and OTTAVA streamers look like the kinds of products that will open up those retail channels to Technics. If that happens, we can expect to see the other products follow.

And that’s something I will be looking forward to.

The new Technics website is live here. In recent years, Panasonic has also been using Technics-tuned to mark out premium audio in some of its other products.