Tefal EasyCord FV4270

The Tefal EasyCord is an easy to use iron that glides effortlessly over all types of fabrics. It is sturdy but certainly not heavy and incredibly comfortable to use. Made in France, this appliance features an anti-calc function as well as spray and steam boost buttons and a variable steam output.

Setting up

There are no surprises here but be sure to remove any labels from the soleplate and throw away the plastic part that protects the cord. Before using the iron for the first time, plug it in and press the steam button a few times to clear out any foreign particles.


The EasyCord iron is feature-packed. Its standout feature is its ultraglide diffusion soleplate which not only ensures optimal steam diffusion, it makes ironing an incredibly smooth experience.

The generous 270 ml water jug means that you can get a decent sized basket of clothes ironed without making multiple trips to the sink and the opaque water tank makes it easy to see when it is time to refill. However, it did not come equipped with a water jug so hang on to your old one or keep a measuring jug handy.

The iron’s temperature dial is labelled clearly and offers a quick reference as to what fabric can be ironed on each setting. It also features a shot of steam function which is handy on heavier fabrics such as denims and a spray function to dampen laundry and remove stubborn creases. Both buttons are well positioned on the handle and can be easily pressed with your thumb. The steam control dial is also located on top of the handle and allows the user to select either 0 for silks and synthetics, 1 for woollens, 2 for cottons or 3 for linens.


The EasyCord is aptly named for its easy to use cord storage system. This system is designed to keep the cord safely out of the way when ironing and prevents the cord from trailing across your laundry and creasing it during the ironing process. When the ironing is done, slot the EasyCord system into the notch, push the flexible part back into the base and wind the cord around the heel. It stores neatly and easily.

The EasyCord iron worked well on all fabrics and its ultragliss diffusion soleplate meant that the ironed seemed to ‘float’ across the clothes. It also features a powerful 2,000 watt element that heats up quickly in around 30 to 45 seconds.

The shot of steam helped get the wrinkles out of even the toughest work clothes we ironed, however it did spot a little from time to time on some of the heavier fabrics. The vertical steam adequately removed creases from suits, skirts and jackets.

The iron has a well designed heel for maximum stability and prevents the iron from being accidentally knocked over.

While it didn’t come with a thick user manual, it did come with a fold out pamphlet that explained all the basic functions in easy to understand terminology.


The Tefal EasyCord iron produces offers a sturdy heel, self cleaning functions and the EasyCord storage system for enhanced comfort of use. I was disappointed that there wasn’t any kind of automatic shut off function, but it is well priced and offers excellent value for money. Overall, the EasyCord’s strength lies in its ability to ‘glide’ over fabrics which makes ironing so much less of a chore.

Reviewer: Rebecca Correa

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Glides easily over all fabrics, ergonomic, good steam distribution, easy to use
Can spot water during shot of steam, no water jug included, no safety shut off