Reviewer: Max Everingham

TA play on words in Japanese of ‘tekinkonkreet’ (meaning reinforced concrete!), Tekkonkinkreet is based on the Japanese comic book Black and White.

Made by the folks that brought us the Animatrix (the wonderful Matrix-inspired animated short films) and Princess Mononoke, Tekkonkinkreet features seasoned producer Michael Arias in his directorial debut.

The blend of hand-drawn and CGI imagery is stunning on Blu-ray and the action is by turns ponderous, violent and colourfully surreal, but the end result is an intriguing flight of fancy and imagination. Much is made of the development of the brotherly love between the two main characters but more captivating is the glorious detail in the fabricated complex of Treasure Town where there’s so much to see, you’ll want to check it out over and over again.

The 1080p transfer is superb, and you’ve got to admire Sony Pictures for bothering with releases of such esoteric titles. Now if they can only sort out the extras offerings.

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