Telstra EasyTouch

Reviewer: Anthony Caruana

The EasyTouch handset is a solid flip phone with a good range of features that should do everything most users need, but may not appeal if cutting-edge design is your thing.

This phone does a great job of making calls and providing easy access to online services and is no slouch at connecting your computer to the Net, thanks to the supplied software and cable.

When closed, the small, external screen displays the incoming caller ID and other useful information like the time, date and signal strength. Opening the phone reveals a larger screen. The block of buttons above the keypad provides easy access and navigation through the menus. There’s a set of icons for quick access to BigPond mobile internet, email and other online services.

A pleasant, mainstream phone, the EasyTouch’s name is well deserved, won’t cost you an arm and a leg and delivers a good value package.

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