Telstra Go repeater reduces phone black spots

Telstra Go repeater

The Telstra Go repeater boosts voice quality and increase data speeds for moving vehicles and in-building applications.

Blackspots, low or no signal coverage, occur everywhere – not just in regional and remote Australia.

The Australian Governments and its state counterparts have a Mobile Black Spot program. It has helped to provide 765 new base stations and covered major transport routes.

While the aim is great Australia-wide coverage that simply won’t happen. For example, a city tower can disrupt signals for those in its shadow. Or you may simply be too far from a base station. The majority of base stations are complete. Now Telstra and other Telcos are placing small cells to fill in the gaps.

You can enter your postcode here to see if you are in or near a black spot.

So, while you may expect your Telco to offer service everywhere that is simply not always possible.

Richard Noonan, Telstra’s General Manager for Mobile Devices, said, “We know reliable coverage is at the heart of what customers want from Telstra. Over the previous three financial years alone, Telstra has invested $2.2 billion in its regional mobile network, so more Australians can experience a connected world that supports their way of life.

“In addition to upgrading our mobile network in hundreds of regional locations to 4GX, bringing mobile coverage to some of the most remote communities of Australia, we also continue to look for ways to help customers connect with a number of products available like the Telstra Go Repeater that have been developed with our regional customers in mind,” said Noonan.

The Telstra Go repeater (website here) is a good option if you have limited signal strength

The 3G, 4G and 4GX device works by receiving mobile signals through an external antenna. It then  enhances and re-transmits this signal to a single indoor or in-vehicle antenna to extend coverage where the customer requires service.

Telstra Go repeaterSuitable for customers that travel between coverage areas or through areas of patchy coverage, or who work in offices or live in residences where indoor signal may be weaker or lacking, Telstra Go Repeater can both improve and extend coverage in areas where signal doesn’t reach.

The Telstra Go repeater requires the correct antenna for the best results. These range from a low to medium gain (2.5-5dBi) or high gain (5-9dBi). In some cases, a VHG (Very High Gain) antenna is needed so professional installation is a good idea.

You can gewt the Telstra Go Repeater on a monthly repayment plan or purchase the device outright. Orice is $648 for the stationary version or $720 for the portable version which includes an external magnetic mount antenna and internal antenna.

The stationary version requires an external antenna at an additional cost. An auto-electrician should install the portable version.