Telstra makes portable 3G faster

Customers without mobile internet built into their computers are about to fall in love with a new product from Telstra that brings high speed net access while doing away with contracts and minimum spends.

The new Telstra Elite Mobile WiFi acts as a portable NextG wireless hub, able to provide net access for up to five WiFi enabled devices simultaneously. Priced at $129 outright including 5GB of data good for 90 days, Telstra says it will arrive in stores on April 12.

“Our customers tell us they love the speed and reliability of Next G mobile broadband but they’ve said they’d like an easier way to share it with a greater range of Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and portable games consoles,” said Warwick Bray, Telstra’s Executive Director for Mobility Products. “With the press of a button this mobile hotspot can connect up to five devices to the internet at speeds up to twice as fast as competitor 3G products in capitals and many regional areas.”

Owners of the wifi only iPad and iPad 2 will be some of Telstra’s happiest customers here, given that this gadget will give them a mobile 3G connection for their 3G-less tablets.

Much like USB 3G dongles, the hotspot will also act as a storage device, with support for up to 32GB of microSD memory. Telstra tells us that the battery should last up to 4 hours, but can be charged over a USB connection.