Telstra NBN speed upgrade to base users

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Telstra NBN has announced that its million or so users on the base 25/5Mb/s level will be upgraded to the 50/20 (NBN 50) level at no extra cost.

In part, the upgrade is due to NBNCo’s reassessment of its wholesale prices for this tier. It means better deals all around. Telstra is taking it further by offering a new smart modem where necessary to ensure it meets its service obligations.

Jana Kotatko, Head of Fixed Products at Telstra, added: “We want to help customers understand this and provide them with all the right ingredients to make sure their in-home connection is as strong as it can be.”

“Giving more customers the SmartModem, along with increasing their NBN speed tier and the ongoing focus on providing the best speeds possible are all part of the way we’re helping customers make the most of their broadband service,” she added.

The speed upgrades and Telstra Smart Modem rollout are part of Telstra’s plans to provide the best possible experience for NBN customers. It follows its move to provide customers with typical minimum speeds well above the ACCC guidelines of 60% of the maximum speed during peak times.

“As the popularity of streaming content like Foxtel Now and Netflix continues to grow, we’re seeing data on our fixed network increase by about 40% each year. With increased speeds, our customers will have the freedom to stream in 4K or HD on multiple devices without buffering or interruptions,” Kotatko said.

Kotatko said a Telstra Smart Modem AC speeds and 4G mobile backup would be included for all

  • new customers signing up to a home internet bundle,
  • all customers moving home
  • and the majority of customers moving to the NBN.

What do Telstra NBN customers hav eto do?

Customers do not need to do anything. Telstra NBN upgrades will be rolled out progressively and they will be advised when the higher tier can be enabled.