Telstra offers you the chance to be a gadget reviewer

Every week, someone asks us how they can get into gadget reviewing. This week, however, Telstra is giving you the chance to be a gadget reviewer.

With the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices out, Telstra wants to give you the chance to be a gadget reviewer by giving you an HTC Mozart handset to review. You’ll need to look at things with a keen eye and review aspects including Xbox Live on the phone, apps, family, business, and even social networking through Twitter.


Twenty-five reviewers will be picked to take a HTC Mozart phone for a two week period, with Telstra footing the bill for the credit you use, and when you’re done, you’ll get to keep the phone.

There’s more information over at Telstra’s social reviewer page, as well as a very long form to fill out, but you could come out with a phone and some experience reviewing, and trust us, that’s a good thing.