Telstra open T [life] store in Melbourne – the largest state-of-the-art interactive telecommunications store in Australia

June 26, 2008 sees Telstra opening the largest state-of-the-art interactive telecommunications store in Australia, T [life] , transforming the Melbourne CBD landscape and bringing a touch of ‘Times Square’ meets ‘5th Avenue’ to the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets.

Telstra CEO Mr Sol Trujillo said the T [life] experience is delivered in an exciting, fully interactive retail environment. It allows customers to experience the best that Telstra, Australia’s leading media communications company, has to offer in a completely live and connected setting.

“The customer is at the centre of everything we do at Telstra and our T [life] stores are a vibrant public expression of that philosophy,” Mr Trujillo said. “Our T [life] stores focus on customers’ business and lifestyle needs and provide integrated solutions for those needs.

“We have listened directly to more than 900,000 Australians, to understand what Australians want from Telstra in a retailing environment and so far we have delivered this at T [life] Sydney, and now at T [life] Geelong, T [life] Chadstone, T [life] Doncaster and T [life] Melbourne.

Telstra T [life] store Melbourne

“Australians told us that they want a store where the display mobiles work so they can ‘play before they buy’, where one-on-one expert advice accompanies live demonstrations, and where ‘how to’ classes are available all day, everyday. At Telstra, we understand that the traditional business hours of 9 to 5 don’t meet everyone’s needs so we have extended trading hours in our Melbourne store, seven days a week.

“We are delivering what our customers want – a store that is a one-stop shop, where they can experience new technologies, the richest content, the latest devices, integrated solutions and tailored services, all live and connected, with specially trained staff, and retail hours that are more convenient.”