Telstra pushes Arlo Go LTE security cameras

Outdoor security cameras are hot items now. It is easy to see why Telstra is pushing the Arlo Go LTE on its 3/4G Australia-wide service.

In the past few weeks, we have seen 3/4G LTE cameras announced by Reolink Go, Vimel, Nubo, Swann, Uniden and many Chinese makers.

The common appeal is that Wi-Fi is often too far away for a good connection or that the internet is either not available or steam-driven where you need a camera.

The other appeal is that if you do place them in out of the way places, then you likely don’t have 240V power there either. The answer is a solar panel that recharges the batteries.

While the cameras are not too expensive, it is the data plans that can make then uneconomic. In the US there are unlimited data plans especially for tablets and now cameras. Sadly, there are no such plans in Australia and data can cost as much as 1.46 cents a MB. The more motion activations, the more data it chews up.

Jeremy Howe, Telstra’s Director Product Innovation, said, “Our customers have told us they are looking for a high-quality and flexible solution to monitor the things that matter to them including their homes, office, assets and pets. We’re pleased to be able to offer them this world-leading solution powered by the reach and speed of our mobile network.”

Business uses for Arlo Go LTE

Small businesses can also take advantage of the Arlo Go on Telstra

  • Retail businesses with a shop and/or a warehouse – monitor one or more sites with quick and easy wire-free installation of one or multiple devices
  • Building, construction or landscaping tradespeople – take and quickly install the device on site to monitor activity, deliveries, conditions and security of tools, equipment and supplies on a job site
  • Businesses in property industry – Set up at properties as required through sale, inspection or short-term rental periods
  • Farming/livestock businesses – enables them to monitor the safety and movement of livestock during day or night, with the freedom to easily change the location of the device

Key features of Arlo Go LTE

  • Mobile monitoring. Arlo Go supports 3G and 4G technology where there is mobile coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network
  • Wire-free operation. Discreetly place cameras in a variety of locations and monitor indoor and outdoor spaces from different angles.
  • IP65 Weather Resistant rating. Indoor/outdoor cameras install easily for DIY monitoring so that you can place them in multiple places, indoors and out.
  • Local Video and Audio Storage. Built-in micro SD card (sold separately) slot for local backup storage in the event of a mobile network interruption.
  • 2-way Audio. Built-in mic and speaker enable push-to-talk capability, so you can listen in and talk back.
  • Motion and Audio Detection. Arlo Go LTE Camera initiates automatic recordings and alerts you via email or app notifications.
  • Cloud Recordings. 7-days recurring cloud recordings storage from Netgear and you can connect up to 5 Arlo Go LTE Cameras without additional monthly subscription fees.
  • Night Vision. 720p HD cameras even in low light.
  • Live Viewing. Watch live streamed or recorded videos from your compatible computer, compatible smartphone or tablet using the free Arlo app.
  • Effortless Setup. Set up your Arlo Go LTE Camera within minutes through compatible iOS or Android mobile devices.

The Arlo Go LTE Camera is now available on a range of data plans. Customers can purchase a Netgear Arlo Go LTE Camera for $30/mth when signing up to a $15/mth Go Mobile Data Plus plan or My Business Mobile Data Plan, for 24 months, with $15/mth device repayments (min Cost $720. Per MB 1.46c).

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