Telstra releases the world’s fastest 3G hotspot, looks a little like a phone

Telstra’s latest reason for you to jump on the high-speed NextG network comes in the form of the Ultimate Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi, a new mobile dongle that – much like past hotspots – ditches the dongle and lets your devices jump onto the web via a WiFi connection.

Released this week, the modem is a battery-powered WiFi hotspot capable of achieving up to 20Mbps speeds using the dual-channel HSPA+ technology that Telstra uses.

“Customers will be able to use the BigPond Ultimate Mobile Wi-Fi device in Ultimate coverage areas to serve up high bandwidth content such as video and music to multiple devices simultaneously,” said Warwick Bray, Executive Director for Telstra Mobile Products. “For instance, on family holidays, parents can keep kids entertained on their games consoles and tablets by setting up a fast mobile hotspot in the car or holiday home.”

Up to five devices can jump onto the mobile hotspot, with an LED display on the device showing the connection strength, connected devices, battery indicator, and messages. Charging can be done over the microUSB port, and much like past broadband dongles, there’s a microSD card slot for storage.

From July 19, customers will be able to grab the new device for $49 after a rebate on a variety of two-year plans.