Telstra serves up 2015-ready 4G for devices that aren’t your phone

We’re too far from next year to start talking about the next crop of phones, many of which will work with Telstra’s new next-gen 4G network, but there is one device already hitting stores that will, guaranteeing fast speeds for any device that needs it in the new year.

Another year, another dongle, and while that 4G modem hotspot you bought last year is probably working just fine for you, there may be a reason to update.

Ahead of a new rollout for the next generation of Telstra’s 4G network, powered by the APT700MHz spectrum, Telstra is releasing a 4G prepaid wireless hotspot modem that works on both the current 4G technology and the upcoming setup.

The device isn’t terribly different from one you’ve seen before, with a small LCD (though this one is in colour) and a wireless access point built in supporting up to ten devices. That said, the screen does tell you how much data you have left over your purchase period, which Telstra says is a new feature.

Outside of that, we’re told the new hotspot is also Category 4 compliant, which means in places where Telstra’s 4G network is setup for Cat 4 LTE — places including Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane — you’ll see download speeds as high as 150Mbps. For other places, such as Sydney and Melbourne, it’s Category 3’s 100Mbps maximum, but that’s still not bad altogether.

As for what APT700 can do, Telstra isn’t talking about that just yet, but you can always hope for faster speeds than we presently have, and equip yourself ahead of time, if you so choose.

Telstra’s Prepaid 4G My Pocket WiFi Ultimate Mobile Hotpot is available now for $149 with 5GB data included.