Telstra’s MOG set to groove to some new Beats

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All you can eat music lovers with access to Telstra, if you’re loving your MOG subscription now, you might be loving something else soon enough.

If you didn’t hear the news, MOG was snapped up by another company in 2012, with Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio taking over and prepping its own streaming media solution.

We didn’t hear much about Beats Music last year, but the service is now ready, being switched on in America in the past few days, providing a slightly different experience for streaming music to people who love hearing as much as they possible can for a monthly fee.

But what will become of MOG?

In Australia, where Telstra runs the music service, a Telstra spokesperson told GadgetGuy that:

“We can’t reveal too much at this stage except to say we are very excited to be bringing Beats Music to Australian listeners this year. In the meantime, our customers can continue to enjoy the 20 million songs on the MOG service which is unmetered for most Telstra customers and is continually rated as one of the best streaming music services in the world.

When the timing is right we will be in contact with our MOG subscribers about our plans to ensure a smooth transition onto the Beats Music service.”

So there’s good news and bad news, and if you like MOG now, you’ll be moved to Beats soon enough.