The autonomous car is coming and will drive you to work

It’s been written about in science fiction stories when we were kids, but it finally looks like the car that drives you around is going to become a reality.

Developed by Google, the cars are outfitted with sensors – lots of sensors – capable of scanning the area around the car and making sure nothing is accidentally hit, a form of radar for working out where objects are, and even a video camera with software to recognise pedestrians.

With over 200,000 kilometres of testing logged into Google’s self-driving cars – over a thousand kilometres belonging solely to automated driving system – the company best known for the biggest search engine on the planet is now looking into making the new form of transport legal for public roads.

So when will Australia get cars that can drive you to work? We’re not quite sure yet, but given that Google’s project looks like it’s hitting at least once state in America – Nevada, home of Las Vegas – we’d say this exciting new automotive development will be here within the decade.