The Beatles: Rock Band – no Gretsch or Rickenbacker guitar controllers for Australia

After the good news this morning of the confirmation of the Australian September 9 release of The Beatles: Rock Band videogame, comes the bad news that the only guitar controller for the game that will be available to Australians at launch is the replica Hofner violin bass guitar controller. And to get that guitar you’ll be buying the full bundled version of the game, for $369.99.

Only the North American and European markets will be able to buy from the get go the separate replica Rickenbacker and Gretsch – the John and George guitars – controllers. If you were looking forward to dressing up like John or George in the comfort of your own home, and topping it off with the replica guitar… well, begin your gentle weeping now.

The tyranny of distance and tiny size of our market stings us again!