The benefits of Mini LED to TV picture quality

Mini LED

There are so many things to consider when buying a new smart TV, but a great television begins with a great picture – and that’s where Mini LED comes in.  Mini LED takes television image quality to the next level, improving almost every aspect of picture performance, from colour and contrast to brightness and viewing angles. As one of the latest screen technologies, it is found in the premium range of most TV makers, including TCL.

TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series is a premium television which combines the amazing picture quality of Mini LED and brilliant Quantum Dot colour with the very latest in smart TV technologies.

With screen sizes from 55 up to 85 inches, the range unleashes the full power of Google’s Android TV, bringing all your favourite streaming services into your lounge room in spectacular 4K resolution. Support for Dolby Vision IQ picture quality and immersive Dolby Atmos sound helps ensure the very best ‘IMAX Enhanced’ home entertainment experience, and when controlling the television or searching for something great to watch, ask and you shall receive thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, which responds to spoken commands.

What is Mini LED?

Mini LED is the next generation of backlighting technology for LCD televisions, to help create an amazing life-like picture. TCL Electronics is a pioneer in Mini LED technology, with its 3rd generation televisions setting the standard when it comes to a premium viewing experience.

Television screens are made up of millions of tiny pixels, which constantly change colour to create a moving picture. LCD televisions feature a bright LED backlight, which shines through the pixels so you can see the picture. This ensures a bright and vivid image, even in a brightly lit room.

The challenge with LED-backlit televisions is they can struggle to completely block the backlight. This makes it difficult to produce really deep blacks and great contrast. Especially when there are very bright and dark objects on the screen at the same time, like a bright full moon against an inky black night sky.

That’s where Mini LED comes to the rescue. It breaks the backlight into thousands of tiny segments –– much smaller than conventional-sized LEDs – that can be controlled independently. This precise level of light control is known as Full Array local dimming and as a result, the television can turn up the backlight behind the moon, while turning it down elsewhere.

This ensures the bright backlight doesn’t create unwanted halos around bright objects on a dark background, such as around the moon. It also reduces blotchiness in the darkest areas of the sky, to create more uniform deep blacks.

Mini LED: Enhanced contrast 

Precise control over the backlight is one of the keys to a better picture. It helps Mini LED produce incredible contrast – which is the difference between the very brightest and very darkest objects on the screen.

Poor contrast leaves everything looking a little washed out, plus you lose the finest details in the very brightest highlights and darkest shadows. With the amazing contrast of a Mini LED television, you don’t miss a thing.

As a result, the moon glows brightly, without compromising on the inky black of the night sky elsewhere on the screen. It also reduces murkiness and blur in dark scenes, to ensure the finest stars aren’t lost in the dark.

Mini LED: Increased brightness

Thanks to its superb backlight, Mini LED produces an impressively bright picture. This ensures that the picture looks great even when you’re watching television during the day with the blinds up.

The colours remain vivid, not washed out, plus you still get that amazing contrast even in a brightly lit room. Sport looks fantastic and you don’t need to wait for the sun to go down to enjoy your favourite movies. This makes a television like TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series the perfect screen for any living area in your home.

Mini LED: Improved colours

For the very best in picture quality, TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series combines the benefits of Mini LED backlighting with a Quantum Dot filter. This produces more accurate colours, along with a wider spectrum of the finest shades.

The C825 can also achieve 95%+ (DCI-P3) colour gamut, for displaying the expanded range of colour tones in High Dynamic Range (HDR) movies and games that might be lost on other televisions. For home viewing, this means cinema-grade colour and content that can appear true to the creator’s vision.

Mini LED: Wide viewing angles

Mini LED offers extremely wide viewing angles, to ensure the picture doesn’t look washed out if you’re sitting off to the side.

The fact that it looks good from anywhere in the room makes Mini LED great when family and friends crowd around to watch the big match or latest blockbuster movie.

Mini LED: HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ

Superb brightness, colour and contrast from Mini LED with Quantum Dot in TCL’s C825 is boosted further by support for the full range of HDR standards, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The very best streaming content takes advantage of Dolby Vision and 4K resolution to deliver a stunning picture, revealing even more of the finest details in the bright highlights and deep shadows.

Of course, HDR isn’t just great for movies. The latest generation of games consoles and blockbuster games also support HDR for a spectacular gaming experience.

The C825 also supports Dolby Vision IQ, the gold standard in home entertainment viewing. Dolby Vision IQ is an evolution of Dolby Vision which takes things to the next level. It automatically adjusts the television’s brightness, colours and contrast in real time to suit the lighting conditions in the room. This ensures the picture always looks its very best, any time of day.

In combination with its audio performance, the impressive video credentials of TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series see it earn ‘IMAX Enhanced’ certification, promising an outstanding home cinema experience.

Mini LED’s and fast action

Mini LED supports a 120 Hertz refresh rate with MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation) for a silky-smooth picture to optimise fast-moving action. Whether you’re watching live sport or a blockbuster action movie, it can reduce jitter and blur to ensure the picture is crisp and objects remain pinpoint sharp as they race across the screen.

Gamers will appreciate that TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series supports Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM) and Low Input lag. These combine to take gaming to the next level on the big screen, with smoother processing and powerful performance.

The last word

Mini LED offers the latest in outstanding picture quality. By breaking the backlight into thousands of tiny segments, it produces a bright picture with stunning contrast. This ensures you can see the finest details in the brightest highlights and deepest shadows, even when watching in a brightly lit room.

Combined with the true-to-life colours of Quantum Dot technology, the result is an amazingly realistic picture that can do justice to the best premium content shot in Dolby Vision.

As a pioneer of Mini LED technology, TCL’s C825 Mini LED TV Series is setting the standard for premium viewing experiences.

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