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Rolls Royce, Mies Van der Rohe, Rolex, Gieves and Hawkes. Sometimes only the best will do, and if you have a passion for movies and music that goes beyond the ordinary, you’ll understand that can apply to home entertainment as readily as cars, furniture, watches and clothes.

At Audio Connection we understand that too, because a passion for the best sound and images informs everything we do. That’s why we stock the finest hardware by the world’s most renowned brands, elite equipment that can satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers.

That quality shines through on all levels. Our flagship brands combine unparalleled performance with beautiful design aesthetics, impressive functionality and ease of use, and unrivalled build quality. Many of the marques are at the cutting edge of research and development in audio-visual equipment, constantly innovating and improving what is possible in hi-fi and home cinema.

It all adds up to products that showcase the peak of what today’s technology can offer, from speakers to amplifiers, CD and DVD players, televisions and projectors, plus a range of high-end accessories to match.

Of course, brand names alone mean nothing. The most important name at Audio Connection is the one belonging to the customer, and it’s your needs that are paramount. We’ll listen to what you want, then let you audition the brands that we think will meet your expectations.

Whether you’re looking for a premium level two-channel music system or a surround sound solution, a whole home audio system or a custom designed home automation package, we’ll help you piece together a carefully matched system that delivers the entertainment experience you desire.

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