The Dyson Zone has impressive clean air and ANC tech at a big price

The Dyson Zone spec reveal

Earlier in the year, we heard about the Dyson Zone, an intriguing air-purifying headphone hybrid. Now, we have the full specifications and know the quirky device will launch in early 2023.

In a nutshell, the Dyson Zone is a pair of active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones designed for up to 50 hours of listening on a single charge. Alongside audio, the headset includes a withdrawable facemask capable of removing pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. As its name suggests, the Dyson Zone exists to generate a private zone free of both air and noise pollution.

Off the back of Dyson’s years of filtration technology found in its vacuum and air purifier technology, the company sought to address urban health concerns. Research suggests 99% of the global population lives where air pollution exceeds standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Additionally, noise pollution grows as a concern, with many exposed to harmful decibel levels during their daily commute. Although it may appear to be a device made for a post-pandemic world, it’s been in the works for many years – well before anyone knew what was on the horizon.

The Dyson Zone: major features

To power its ANC and purification features, the headphones use 2,600 mAh lithium-ion batteries chargeable via USB-C. Its 50-hour battery rating only extends to audio use; using both audio and purifying features simultaneously leads to a much shorter runtime of four hours, with a full recharge cycle taking three hours.

From an audio perspective, the Dyson Zone’s 40mm 16-ohm audio drivers span frequencies between 6 Hz and 21 kHz, which goes beyond what the human ear can hear. Its ANC produces up to 38db of noise cancellation from 20Hz to 20kHz. Either on the device or via the MyDyson App, you can choose from different equalisation settings. Depending on your preferences, there’s a neutral EQ or a bass boost mode, but Dyson claims its scientifically engineered Dyson EQ makes an enhanced sound ideal for hearing every detail as the artist intended.

The Dyson Zone spec reveal 2

One of the big things Dyson engineers focused on is the device’s “passive attenuation”, referring to how well headphones filter out noise by fitting snugly and creating a strong seal around the ear. In other words, even without ANC on, noise is still blocked out. To power the ANC, the Dyson Zone houses 11 microphones that monitor surrounding sounds 384,000 times a second. One of these mics doubles as an input for making phone calls, with the headphones Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Plus, as is common with ANC headphones, a transparency mode lets external noise in so you’re aware of your surroundings. Alternatively, if you just want to listen to music at home without wireless, there’s a 3.5mm jack too.

For air purification, the Dyson Zone uses compressors that spin up to 9,750 rpm to draw air into its filters capable of capturing common allergens and pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and ozone. Each filter is made from extremely fine glass fibres that are hair-like in nature. From here, purified air filters through the magnetic face visor. Depending on pollution levels – measurable through the MyDyson App – you can enable either low, mid, or high air flow settings. These drain the battery at progressively higher levels, with high air flow reducing the battery life to 1.5 hours.

Although you can’t clean the headphones’ air filters, they are easy to replace, fortunately. They should last up to 12 months based on where you live and what they’re exposed to. All you need to do is pop the ear coverings off, remove the old filter, and replace it with the new one – no fancy tools required.

One last thing before detailing the full spec sheet: damn, the Dyson Zone is heavy. It’s 595 grams without the visor, and 670 grams with it included. The Apple AirPods Max is considered one of the heavier headsets at 384 grams, so strengthen up those neck and shoulder muscles, folks.

The Dyson Zone: pricing and availability

Here’s the sticking point: Dyson hasn’t announced local pricing yet. According to Gizmodo, the headphones will cost US$949, which is roughly AU$1,400 at the current exchange rate. For comparison, the Apple AirPods Max cost $899. The Dyson Zone contains plenty of impressive technology, but it certainly comes at a price.

Local details shouldn’t be far away, however, with the air-purifying headphones first launching in China in January 2023, followed by several other countries in March – including the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. If you do want to know more about when the device launches here, here’s a website just for that.

There’s no specific timing for Australia yet, but we’re confident we’ll hear more soon. Dyson is betting big on this technology, confident its move into wearables will be as significant as its expansion into hair care technology. In short: it’s something the company wants to make a splash about.

The Dyson Zone spec reveal 3

Full specifications

Weight and dimensions595g (no visor), 670g (with visor)
200mm x 210mm (side-on), 240mm wide (front-on)
AudioFrequency Response: 6Hz – 21kHz
Distortion: 0.08% @ 94dB 1kHz
Codecs: SBC, AAC, LHDC,
ANC Up to 38 dB Total attenuation up to 40 dB
Speaker Size: 40 mm
Speaker Magnet: Neodymium
Microphones: 8 ANC, 2 Noise reduction, 1 Telephony
Filter efficiencyFilter Efficiency (PM0.1): 99%
Gaseous Capture: NO2 , SO2 , O3
Filter Life: Up to 12 months
PowerBattery Type: 2x Lithium Ion Units
Battery Capacity: 2,600 mAh
Min Charge Power: 0.5 A, 5 V
Runtime Whilst Charging: (2.4 A+) Infinite
Charge Port; USB-C
Charge Time: 100% 3 hrs
Runtime: Audio Up to 50 hrs, Low flow Up to 4 hrs, Mid flow Up to 2.5 hrs, High flow Up to 1.5 hrs
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy (MyDyson™App)
Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
3.5mm – USB-C In (Audio)
Telephony (via BT)
On-device sensingAQ Sensing: NO2
Head Detection
Transparency Mode
Auto Mode (user activity detect): Accelerometer
Accessories1x pair of electrostatic carbon filters, Visor cleaning brush, USB-C charging cable, Visor sleeve, ‘Quarter Turn’ hard case
Dyson Direct exclusives: In-Flight adaptor kit, Soft pouch
ColoursSatin Silver / Ultra Blue, Ultra Blue / Prussian Blue, Prussian Blue / Bright Copper (Dyson Direct exclusive)

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