The Enersonic PowerSaver

This product has stirred up quite a bit of debate since its appearance on Sunrise on March 3. In light of this, we are investigating the claims of the product in more detail, and shall publish the results as soon as they are at hand.

It’s not magic, its science; and its use can be your contribution to the environment by reducing power wastage.

The Enersonic Power Saver relies on the physics principle of power factor correction. The Enersonic Power Saver helps to stabilise and synchronise the Alternating Current (AC), that is, the electrical power that is generated by the power stations, and that you as a consumer draw from your household 240 volt power sockets to run your electrical appliances.

Different appliances use AC power in different ways. An older wasteful style of incandescent filament light bulb uses power inefficiently. Most of the electrical power consumed by this bulb is lost as heat, with only a little light generated compared with the heat loss.

Source: Enersonic