The Fifth Element

Reviewer: Max Everingham

This futuristic, nonsensical but fun romp is a no-brainer for Sony to release on Blu-ray – partly because it’s going to look pretty good but mostly because any sci-fi fan who’s bought this on DVD, both regular and collector’s editions, is almost certainly to buy it again when they upgrade to a Blu-ray player.

The picture quality is great but not amazing, but the biggest disappointment, for this format, is that the special features are in standard definition, and in fact there’s only one of them – a sole, rather pathetic ‘fact track’ that was, in any case, on the collector’s edition previously. This lack of commitment to special features is extremely disappointing, particularly given that this movie is from Sony, the inventor of the Blu-ray format and the company shouting loudest about all the amazing, additional digital entertainment options that Blu-ray will bring.

Well, there’s nothing to shout about here. Move along please.

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