A good 2K or 4K sensor with big pixels – at least 8MP, wide aperture f/1.8 or lower, glass lenses, at least a 140° distortion-free viewing angle (higher is good, but it distorts the image too much), and decent screen to view it on.


GadgetGuy reviewed the Drive Duo SUV here giving it 4.4-out-of-5 and calling it the best all-in-one with a great GPS and fit for purpose dash cam.

Q; Is dashcam footage admissible evidence now?

Yes, insurance companies now say that over half of the claims have dashcam evidence. Police will use it, and lawyers will use it. Sydney lawyers in this field tell us that proof often relies on the quality of the footage. 

Let’s just say that I would not want to be the person who did not have a camera, and moreover, it doesn’t make sense to me when the cost of a device is considerably lower than the cost of your insurance excess.


Q: Last words?

We’re definitely not dead as an industry!  There are still a lot of people driving in this market, a lot of people who drive for work and a lot of recreational drivers.

Police and safety experts agree, it is distractions that cause many accidents. Which is why mobile phone use, while you are behind the wheel, will always be frowned upon, but worse, cost drivers money and their lives!  However strong your willpower, there is always the temptation to do more, even when your phone is in an approved cradle.  Don’t risk it, use a proper, good quality sat-nav and Bluetooth your phone so you can take calls.

And get the best dash cam you can with the best camera.  It’s foolhardy not to.

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Header image: Auto Quarterly.