The iPad competition

The iPad is out, but Apple’s competitors aren’t allowing the Big Fruit an exclusive to the rewards to be had from this new platform. With Computex on in Taiwan, it’s time to see what the challengers have to offer.


Asus EeePad 10-inch

Leading the charge against the iPad competition is the creator of the Eee line-up, Asus. Its Eee Pad will come in two sizes – 10 and 12 inches – and offer a wide range of multimedia mobility for users. The larger of the two will be powered by a low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor and run on Windows 7 Home Premium, while the smaller will be Windows 7-based.

It’s the company’s Eee Tablet, however, which has us most interested right now. A new concept, the Eee Tablet takes an extremely high resolution 2450 dpi touchscreen and re-creates pen and paper notepads for students, professionals, and designers. The device is being made as a combined note-taking, drawing, and e-reader, and will feature a 2 megapixel camera, microSD storage, and 10 hour battery life.

The Eee Tablet from Asus looks to be an interesting concept in tablet computing.
The Eee Tablet from Asus looks to be an interesting concept in tablet computing.


You may know electronics brand LG for televisions, refrigerators, and computer monitors, but LG is also contemplating an iPad tablet competitor.

The preview model shown at Computex goes by the ‘UX10’ moniker and features very notebook-like specifications. We’re seeing 1GB of memory, Intel Atom processor (much like notebooks), 1.3 megapixel webcam, SD slot, and Windows 7 Home Premium. In essence, it will be a laptop in a tablet, and one that’s reportedly quite solid.


While MSI showed some interesting tablet concepts at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, its Wind Pad looks to be a very capable iPad competitor.

MSI Wind Pad

The Wind Pad 100 runs an Intel Atom processor and is stocked with 2GB of memory and a 32GB solid state drive for storage. Word is that it’s basically a netbook without the keyboard, but given how much experience MSI has with making touchscreen computers, we’re hoping for something cool.

There’s also talk that MSI is working on an Android edition of the Wind Pad with the tentative model number of ‘Wind Pad 110’. Given that Android will be a big player against Apple’s iPhone OS this year, we’re very curious about what this will be.