The Kitara guitar is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

We’re pretty sure that every guitar made has had strings, but not the new Kitara digital guitar. It’s the first of a new breed of instruments that combines fret buttons and a touchscreen to make music in a completely unique way.

Created by Australian engineer and musician Michael Zarimis, the Kitara is shaped like an electric guitar, but instead of strings, there’s an 8-inch multi-touch screen and a synthesiser underneath. No strings means no broken strings during a concert, with you only needing to worry about hitting the right notes and strumming the digital lines on the touchscreen.


The Kitara runs a version of the Linux operating system, and comes preloaded with over 100 sounds and 6 effects. There’s also a MIDI out, headphone out, and line out so you can send the sounds to an amp or computer system.

Truth be told, we’re reminded of Fender’s ridiculous Rock Band 3 controller that still has yet to grace our shores. Regardless, this has become one of the new toys that we really want.

Grabbing it comes with a cost (seriously, you saw that part coming, right?) with a plastic bodied Kitara selling at $849 and the special aluminium edition for $2,899.