The mobile phone SIM to shrink further, good luck ever finding it again

When we first received the iPhone 4, it was a surprise to see how much smaller the microSIM was from the regular SIM. Now it looks like the technology is about to shrink again, with the nanoSIM being planned for use in phones.

Size-wise, the nanoSIM isn’t all that much smaller than a microSIM, with the nano fetching a 12mm x 9mm size, compared to 15mm x 12mm found on the microSIM. We’re also told that it’s a little thinner, shrinking the technology even smaller.

While you might not think that these dimensions are enough to make a difference, a smaller SIM can mean more technology and smaller, thinner devices.

From what we’re hearing, this new technology might even make its way into the iPhone 5, with Apple possibly eyeing the technology for use in devices as early as next year.