The most luxurious iPad ever features gold, diamonds, bones of a T-Rex

Got a spare $7.6 million? You could grab one of two ridiculously custom iPad models that only the very, very, very, very, very rich could afford.

Crafted by one of the leaders in luxury blinged-out gear – Stuart Hughes – the “iPad 2 Gold History Edition” features a 24ct gold back with an Apple logo decked out in 53 gems and 12.5cts of flawless diamonds. We’re told it’s shiny, very shiny.

The front is even more exotic, with a frame made from ammolite, a rock that’s apparently more than 75 million years old. To make it even more complicated, splinters of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone have been forged with the ammolite, making for a design that truly looks back at history. Finishing it off, 13 more diamonds have been placed in the home button for the elite iPad owners.

Only two of these units are going to be made, a real surprise given the five million pound sterling price tag associated with this product.

If you know someone who plans on buying one, we’d love to meet them.