The Muppets join Skype for Microsoft’s own take on emoji

Sending messages with smiley faces, character icons, and the occasional street sign can sure be fun, but what would you do if you how the power of The Muppets?

Microsoft’s Skype is rolling out something this week that isn’t quite the same as the emoji you find on smartphones and tablets, with its own take, something call “Mojis”.

Yes, the name isn’t remarkably original, going with a similar name to the Japanese term used to describe ideograms and pictographs, just without the “e” sitting in the front.

Different from “emojis”, however, Microsoft e-less emojis are tiny videos designed to make your messages have a little more pop or “wow” factor, though they are only available for Skype.

If you use Skype to send messages, this will be rolling out very shortly, and there’s even a cute little Kermit the Frog video to show it off.

Apparently Kermit is a Surface user. Who knew?