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Beyond the kettle, you’d be hard pressed to find a more necessary small appliance for a home than the toaster. As Aussies, we tend to crave this for breakfast during tea, for lunch with cheese and tomato, and for dinner with pretty much anything.

But sometimes the toaster needs to be replaced, and some times it’s just ideal to get a new one altogether.

If you’re keen on buying a new toaster, our guide to one of our favourite small appliances is for you.


The cheap and easy

Toasting technology isn’t exactly super complicated, not like a coffee extraction system or a blender.

Really, this just needs to cook bread lightly, to singe and toast it from each side, so if you just need something that works, you’ve found the right category. Bring your own butter and jam.

Sunbeam Quantum Thick & Thin TA4200


Price: $30

About as simple as it gets, the Quantum is a white roaster made of plastic that toasts and offers a high-lift lever.

Kambrook Essentials 4 Slice Toaster KT60


Price: $35

Raising the simplicity just a little, Kambrook’s Essentials increases the width of the slots to accomodate an extra two slices and makes the browning control something a little more electronic. It’s clear we’re getting a little more gadgety with this one, and we’re still well under $50.

Russell Hobbs York Long Slot Toaster


Price: $49

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed about all of these budget toasters, it’s that they all more or less look the same. Russell Hobbs’ York changes that with a slightly softer look, with curves that make the toaster seem a little old school and retro. It’s still a toaster made for budgets, it’s just one that doesn’t look like a rectangular box.