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Breville The Lift & Look


Price: $59

A little more than a standard toaster, Breville’s Lift & Look is your standard “I can toast bread!” toaster, but with a little control over that lever when the bread is down, allowing you to get a slight peek as to how the bread is doing, ideal when you’re unsure if you’re toasting too much.

The all-rounder

When a $50 toaster is “too cheap”, we turn to the all-rounder, a device that does a little more than basic toasting with one setting, and feels more like it’s going to last a while in your kitchen, rather than the expectation of a year-ish before you need to throw it out. These are those toasters.

Sunbeam Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster TA4540


Price: $55

The first all-rounder off the rank takes what you can see in the best budget boxes, and adds a feature or two, supporting crumpets as a specialised cooking option, because no one wants burned bread that honey will bounce off of, rather than melt into.

Sunbeam’s Long Slot brings crumpet cooking to the package, as well as that quick check level, because you know you want to be teased with breakfast as it cooks.

Kambrook Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster KT630


Price: $70

An update to the Essentials toaster in the cheap and easy section of this guide, the Long Slot is silver, semi-futuristics, and has been tested with over 290 hours of continuous testing to assure you that it can cook nearly 20,000 slices of bread, just not at once.

Rather, it will do four at once, and for less then $100. Get cracking.

Russell Hobbs Heritage Vogue 4 Slice Toaster


Price: $99

One of the toasters GadgetGuy has been testing of late, the Vogue is a delightfully retro toaster offering two wide and large slots for four slices, a high lift lever, and easy to use buttons and browning controls.