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It also happens to look like a vintage toaster, and yet doesn’t appear to weigh much, which is dramatically different from the old vintage-looking toaster that actually was vintage, as that weighed down the bench up until this one came along.

Sunbeam London Collection 4 Slice Toaster TA2240


Price: $149

Shiny and simple, Sunbeam’s London collection is a minimalist’s approach to a four slice all rounder for the kitchen. There’s something lovely and nice about the aesthetics of this one, and since it offers two wide slots for four pieces of bread, simple controls, and a matching kettle if you’re keen to buy something else for your home.

The futuristic

In the future, robots will serve you. They’ll greet you at the door, take your jacket, give you your messages, make you your food, feed your dog, and potentially be your butler and maid.

Until that point, however, we have appliances with a sense of automation, and in this category, a bunch of toasters that are as automated and futuristic as it gets. For now, anyway.

Sunbeam Maestro


Price: $90

The future starts with electronics, and with one of the only two-slice options in our list, the Sunbeam Maestro.

One of the few toasters we’ve reviewed, the Maestro not only gets an LCD with a countdown timer for how long it should take to toast the bread, it also lets you take a quick gander at the toast as it cooks with a lever that doesn’t lock for a “QuickCheck”.

Russell Hobbs Aston 4 Slice Toaster


Price: $149

There are regular toasters, and then there are electronic and motorised toasters, because why should you have to do anything when the magic of a motor can take care of the work for you.

The Aston is one of these concepts, and when you load the bread in, the toaster will take care of the rest, as seen with GadgetGuy’s reviewers recently. It’s a surprising experience, as if your toaster has just become sentient and is doing what it does: toasts.

Breville The Smart Toast