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Sunbeam Marc Newson 2 Slice Toaster TA8820R


Price: $199.95

One of the only two-slice options on this list, Sunbeam’s luxury take is one developed by Australian design icon Marc Newson.

If you’re not familiar with the name, he’s probably one of our most famous design exports, conceiving appliances for Smeg, chairs for Qantas, a pen for Montblanc, a camera for Pentax, and a design for Apple responsible for aspects of the Apple Watch, to name but a few. He’s even had an exhibit covering his works at the Powerhouse Museum.

And now he has a toaster, with a rather retro look bringing a motorised carriage and self-cantering slots to the table. It’s about as automatic as it gets, and designed by a legend, at that.

DeLonghi Distinta 4 Slice Toaster


Price: $209

DeLonghi’s take on the toaster is almost always a little more expensive, but that’s likely because its toasters are larger, wider, and offer a design ideal for modern kitchens.

For the Distinta, you’ll find gauge-like browning controls for a retro experience, and a manual “extra life” lever to make sure that bread leaves the toaster.

KitchenAid KMT2204


Price: $399

KitchenAid’s take on the luxury toaster looks a little like its long-running KSM160 Stand Mixer, except made into a toaster, so if you already have a retro mixer from KitchenAid, you sort of know what you’re getting into.

Here, you’ll find a curved metal box that could be a car from the 50s or even a soft robot head, but it’s actually a deluxe toaster that can handle bagels and crumpets, and also do regular bread, cooking it with one of seven settings and a series of LED lights to tell you when it’s done.

Hint: it’s done when the bread smells good enough to eat.

Magimix Vision 2 Slice Chrome