The new Harman Kardon DVD 39

It’s worth taking a closer look when you buy a DVD player. Who wants to pay for equipment features that aren’t needed? On the other hand, if you buy a DVD player that does not have the functions that you use most often, you won’t exactly be happy either.

The DVD 39 features progressive scan DVD playback and plays back compressed audio files (MP3, WMA) burnt on CDs or DVDs. It is DivX Ultracompatible and can also display JPEG image files. The new DVD is equipped with an HDMI 1.2a output with upscaling to 1080p and is very easy to use thanks to its text-based Harman Kardon user menu. Furthermore an integrated test screen helps the user to find and save the ideal colour setting for the connected TV or monitor.

Clearly not your average $50 DVD player!

The possibility of upgrading the software makes this unit extremely future-proof. With its new design, the DVD 39 player is well ahead of its time. All non-essential buttons have been eliminated from the stylishly designed front panel. The polished Harman Kardon logo on brushed aluminium is a visual indication that the owner has purchased technology of the highest standard – just what one would expect from Harman Kardon.

Price and availability

The DVD 39 is available now for the recommended retail price of $399 at selected Harman Kardon dealers.

Source: Harman Kardon