The new iPhone 3GS – The GadgetGuy’s verdict

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A look at the main features of the iPhone 3GS, plus a speed test, the new phone versus the old iPhone 3G.



New iPhone 3GS vs old iPhone 3G

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The new Apple iPhone 3GS – I know my critics will yell “Apple FanBoy”, but I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces and I have to admit that I’m really quite impressed. I started out somewhat with a degree of scepticism after I watched the presentation at the Apple Developers Conference on June 8, where the new iPhone was announced.

I made several assumptions about the phone, especially the fact that looked to be absolutely identical to the current model, the iPhone 3G, and there was still a single camera on the back of the phone. However, after using the new iPhone I am an absolute convert, especially when comparing the performance of the two iPhones.

Loaded with a Telstra SIM I tried a number of head-to-head comparisons and with applications like web browsing and maps the speed difference is significant. As well I found the new iPhone quite a deal faster than the previous model for loading applications, even with the new 3.0 OS loaded on the old model. I also realise that some of the new features, like the the iPhone 3GS’s video capabilities, it’s still camera functionality such as tap-to-focus, and the voice control, would be features I’ll be accessing quite a lot.

Sure, the new phone looks virtually identical to its predecessor – it was this fact that I’d had been critical of. But Apple’s rationale at sticking to the same form factor contains some clear logic, There are literally tens of thousands of accessories currently available for the 3G iPhone ,which has really only been available in the Australian market for about 10 months. To change even the adaptor socket on the new iPhone would have caused a revolt. So Apple has stuck with the old design. I have to admit its logic, other than “…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” makes perfect sense.

So my ‘Doh!’ moment quickly passed as it was pointed out that the current iPhone and iPod Touch are the most ‘accessorised’ pieces of technology that have ever existed, and that changing the iPhone’s form factor would be completely stupid considering the huge number of companies that have built accessories or designed products that integrate with the iPhone or iPod.

Apple recently issued a free update of the iPhone OS for earlier model iPhones, so many of the new features are also available on first and second generation iPhones and iPod Touch, although some applications are designed only to work on the new 3GS with its upgraded hardware.

Speed testing the 3GS and the older 3G side-by-side the differences are immediately apparent. Launching the Gadget Guy website, Facebook and Safari loaded pages about twice as fast on the 3G S. The new phone has the technology that has the potential to use all the networks’ faster HSPA 7.2 megabit data rate.