The next iPad may be better, faster, stronger

If there’s anyone that can make the iPad better, it’s Apple. A patent discovered today suggests that the big A is looking at carbon fibre as the next material for its tablet.

Discovered by AppleInsider on the U.S. Patent and Trademark database, Apple’s “Reinforced Device Housing” patent suggests the company is looking at making a layered carbon fibre skin for the iPad, possibly making the device lighter and more durable than the aluminium already used in construction.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has set its sights on carbon fibre. Another patent cited from 2007 suggests that Apple was looking into making carbon fibre look better than just woven fabric.

Given Apple’s use of high grade materials in its products over the years, switching to carbon fibre doesn’t surprise us. Before using aluminium in its MacBook Pro line of computers, Apple used titanium, a material that is used in the construction of aircraft.

You can almost certainly expect speed and storage increases with the next iPad, but we’re certainly liking the sound of a stronger and lighter casing.

No idea when (or if) this will hit, but given Apple’s regular update schedule, we can’t imagine a confirmation on this will be too far into the new year.