The post-PC iPad gets a very PC accessory: a scanner

It’s said that the iPad is a computer that goes beyond the PC, and can work differently from its laptop brothers and sisters. While that may be the case, many of us wish the iPad functioned more like a computer, and with that in mind, someone has made an appcessory to bring some PC functionality to the iPad.

Set to be released in May, the Kaiser Baas iPad PhotoScanner is exactly what it sounds like: a small scanner that plugs directly into the iPad.

Compatible with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, the PhotoScanner resembles the small portable scanners we used to see for computers, except with an iPad dock port built into the top.

There’s a free “i-Scan” app available from Apple’s AppStore which allows you to easily scan images directly into your iPad as you feed photos through the scanner. Images up to A4 size can be pushed through the unit and Kaiser Baas tells us that the images are scanned at 6 pager per minute at A4 300dpi, so if you’re planning to capture all of the old photos from your family history, you might want to put aside some time.

It’s also not available until May, but when it’s out, you should be able to find it from major retailers for $200.