The projector perspective

For the majority of videocamera enthusiasts, the equipment used in video output is every bit as crucial as that used for video capture. We spoke to major projector manufacturer, Epson, to get the low down on projectors: are they as good as other forms of video output?

Over recent years, enormous investments have been made in developing projector-specific technologies. As a result, these technologies have proven instrumental in taking projectors from the ‘dark days’ of noisy, problematic units with washed-out projections to whisper-quiet and highly reliable systems that deliver brilliantly bright and colourful output.

As many may recall, it was only a few years ago when businesses were starting to introduce projectors to replace the ever faithful yet functionally limited overhead projectors (OHP) that the issues of brightness and colour really came to the fore. As soon as the projector was due to be turned on, there was the compulsory pre-use ritual of turning off lights, drawing curtains or blinds and closing doors – everything to ensure there was an absolute minimum of light entering the room, which would essentially wash-out the projected image.

In the home environment, for those who were well heeled enough to purchase a projector, colour and quality of image were two of the most notable failings. But times have changed and companies such as Epson have addressed quality, colour and brightness through nothing short of perseverance and innovation.