The Tefal Quick Cup Kettle – hot water in 3 seconds flat!

A quick cuppa at any time of the day just became even speedier, thanks to a clever new invention, which delivers a mug of hot water instantly at the push of a button.

Tefal has created the Quick Cup, which provides just the right amount of hot water needed for a cup of tea or coffee in 3 seconds flat.

Tefal has utilised Optiquick, its unique patented heating system that heats water on demand, to ensure there is no more waiting around for the kettle to boil when that craving for a hot beverage hits.

Energy saving

The Tefal Quick Cup delivers hot water at 90 degrees celsius in your mug in only three seconds, with no pre-heating required. The ordinary kettle takes an average of 240 seconds to boil water.

When the button is pushed, a pre-set amount of 232 ml of cold water, the perfect amount for your mug of tea, is pumped from the water tank. The water is pushed through the unique Tefal Optiquick heating element in a spiral shaped compartment, heating the water immediately and releasing it straight to your cup.

Offering a revolutionary alternative to the traditional kettle, the innovative Quick Cup also provides a simple way to reduce our carbon footprint as it uses only a third of the energy of an ordinary kettle.

Everyone is looking for a way to be more efficient in their everyday lives. With the average kettle taking close to three minutes to boil, the instant hot water delivery from the Quick Cup is an easy way to make time for more important things.

Over a 12-month period, the energy saved would be enough to light a home with 10 light points using 100-watt bulbs for more than three months (based on UK tests).

Source: Tefal