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Opensignal is an independent global standard for analysing consumer mobile experience collecting real-world data from millions of users worldwide. Its latest report shows the true state of Australia’s 5G 2021 networks.

That data is real – from where people work, travel, eat or sleep – indoors or outdoors. Unlike Telco’s maps that are largely theoretical figments of imagination. If you are inclined, you can read Opensignal’s Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021 (January- June 2021). Our Australian summary follows.

There are four metrics

5G Availability

The average proportion of time 5G users access a 5G connection

T-Mobile in the US tops out a 35.7% and T-Mobile Netherlands at 20.6%. Regrettably, Australia does not rank in the top 20 meaning its coverage maps are not accurate.

Download Speed Experience

The users average download speed across 3G, 4G and 5G networks overlaid by the availability of each band

The fastest is FarEasTone in Taiwan at 447.8Mbps and Sunrise in Switzerland at 217.4. Optus is 13th at 265.4Mbps, and Telstra is 16th at 249.4Mbps.

Upload Speed Experience

As above but for uploads

FarEasTone Taiwan tops out at 66Mbps, and eir Ireland is 20th at 22.6Mbps. Australia does not rank.

Video Experience

As above, measuring real-world video streams to determining video quality. The ITU metric calculation takes picture quality, video loading time and stall rate into account. Results are 0-100.

Chunghwa Taiwan scores 85/100. O2 UK comes in 20th at 81.2. This is a significant indicator of network maturity, and 5G users are using 2.7times more video data than 4G users. Australia does not rank.

Games Experience

Measures users real-time multiplayer mobile on a scale of 0-100. It analyses how the multiplayer mobile Games Experience is affected by mobile network conditions, including latency, packet loss and jitter.

 KT in South Korea scores 90.7. Optus is 82.9 and Vodafone at 81.1. Telstra does not rank. What this means is that the 5G quality, not necessarily speed, is pretty good.


Opensignal commented that Optus’s 5G Download Speed score was 574.8% faster than its 4G Download Speed score, well ahead of the global average showing a significant investment and improvement in the 5G network.

GadgetGuy’s take

We increasingly hear from readers that have been upsold to a 5G device and take out more expensive 5G coverage only to find that it does not work for them. That is why we summarise Opensignal’s half-yearly report extracting Australia’s 5G networks 2021 stats. According to nPerf (another user measurement site), Australia’s 5Gn geographic coverage is well under 2% and real population coverage is <10%.

For more read Australian 5G speeds – truth revealed.

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