The world’s most expensive iPhone has over 500 diamonds, probably not suitable as an engagement present

You think your mobile is expensive? The newest phone from luxury product re-worker Stuart Hughes takes an iPhone 4 and graces it with diamonds and rose gold.

The blinged-out “iPhone 4G Supreme Diamond Rose” also costs a little over eight million Australian dollars even with our soaring currency rate.
You’d expect that, given that there are over 500 individual diamonds, a back made of rose gold, and home buttons each made from rare flawless diamonds.
Interestingly, this is one phone that you might accidentally see in your travels. Two of these ridiculously luxurious handsets were made and both were sold to an obviously wealthy Australian businessman.
The handset is the latest in a long line of diamond-encrusted and gold-plated tech that famed Stuart Hughes has created including a platinum MacBook Air weight 7 kilograms.