These high-end speakers from Focal blend into your outdoor setting

Focal Littora OD Stone 8

Speakers usually have a particular design, one that you instantly recognize as a piece of audio equipment – not the latest range from Focal. Made to pair with various outdoor settings, the latest speakers from the French luxury audio brand look distinctly different to a standard sound system.

As part of the Littora line of Focal speakers, three new products are coming to Australia early next year: the OD Sat 5, OD Stone 8, and OD Sub 12. Each audio unit wouldn’t look out of place sitting in the middle of your garden, thanks to its rock-like design. In fact, the OD Stone 8 is a loudspeaker that more than lives up to its name – it’s literally shaped like a large stone. All three models are certified to withstand water and dust to ensure they live up to their outdoor-exclusive status.

Focal Littora OD Stone 8 and OD Sub 12 speakers
Believe it or not, the rock-shaped object in the foreground is the OD Stone 8, and the OD Sub 12 is the mushroom in the background.

Available in Basalt, Sand, and Limestone finishes, the OD Stone 8 is a 45Hz-28kHz speaker that includes its own transformer that makes it 70/100V compatible. This means it can cover large areas without losing power, and can link with the other Littora speakers through a single system.

Meanwhile, the mushroom-shaped OD Sub 12 is a 40Hz-120Hz subwoofer that provides deeper bass, while the conical OD Sat 5 features a higher frequency range of 90Hz-28kHz. Brackets included with the OD Sat 5 lets you wall mount it or securely fasten it into the ground like a garden stake. Both the OD Sub 12 and OD Sat 5 speakers come in light or dark finishes.

Focal Littora OD Sat 5
The OD Sat 5 speakers certainly pair nicely with a pool.

Locally, the Focal Littora outdoor speakers will sell exclusively from high-end audio retailer Addicted To Audio. Individual pricing details are yet to be confirmed, although the cheapest Littora speaker will start at $950.

Based on recent technology trends, aesthetics is becoming equally as important as performance. A big recent example came from LG at the most recent IFA conference with its customisable LED MoodUp fridges and Objet air purifiers. Littora from Focal is another example of this growing trend of technology built to function as home decoration, instead of just existing alongside other décor. If you can afford it, the options are there.

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